The Entrepreneur’s Legal Checklist:
Starting a Business

Start and run your business without a lawyer!

For just $249 you get detailed explanations of the law and step-by-step instructions plus valuable insight (and sample legal documents!) from someone who has experienced the challenges of starting a business both as an entrepreneur and as an attorney. And be sure to check out my 35% off QuickBooks Online Offer!

“It covers information that 99% of people wouldn't think of.” - S.M., serial entrepreneur

  • How to Form the Company
  • Avoiding Tax Nightmares
  • Maintaining Liability Protection
  • Keeping Co-founders Together
  • Allocating Profits and Losses
  • Attorney-Drafted Documents
  • Handling Your Current Boss
  • Choosing an LLC or a Corporation
  • Contract Basics
  • Protecting Yourself From Lawsuits
  • Getting Started Without a Lawyer
  • Hidden Traps Identified
  • Founders Agreements
  • Much More

The Entrepreneur’s Legal Checklist -
Starting a Business
provides you with:

How to Form the Company

You can choose what state to legally form your company in, even while operating from where you are. Learn about selecting the right state to form your company in, and the forms and mechanics of how you actually create the company.

Protect Yourself From Lawsuits

Creating an LLC or a corporation is an important step to avoid being sued personally as the owner of a business. Learn the rules you have to follow to make sure a judge won't decide to let someone sue you anyway.

How to Avoid Tax Nightmares

There can be nasty tax surprises awaiting unsuspecting entrepreneurs. Learn how to avoid them with The Entrepreneur's Legal Checklist - Starting a Business.

How to Handle Your Current Boss

If you are working for another business while putting the pieces in place for yours, learn how to avoid exposing yourself and your new business to a lawsuit from your soon-to-be-former employer.

Choosing an LLC or a Corporation

Take control and avoid the default rules that apply to your business and any co-founders by creating a more favorable LLC or corporation. But which to choose depends on your future business plans as well as your current financial needs. The right choice for a lifestyle business isn't necessarily the right choice if you want to bring in investors later.

Operating Agreements

Without having your own operating agreement, the state is happy to provide its own rules to how you operate your business. Think those rules are going to fit your business? Probably not. Learn about how to take control of the rules that govern how your company operates.

How to Use Vested Ownership

Learn about vesting, a common tool for encouraging co-founders to stay with the company.

Indemnification for Founders

Founders, like anyone working for a company, can be sued for actions they take while performing company business. Learn how to use the company to pay to defend against lawsuits when you have been sued for actions you've taken while operating the company.

Writing a Founders Agreement

Founders agreements are contracts that co-founders sign between themselves. They can be used to protect each other's rights and to protect the company if things go wrong. Learn about this powerful tool and the potential problems it can cause.

Allocating Profits and Losses

Usually profits and losses flow to the owners in proportion to the percentage of their ownership interest. But there are times it can be appropriate to customize the allocation of profits and losses among the owners. Learn how and when to do this.

Contract Basics

Every business owner needs to know a bit about contracts. Learn about how to make sure your company is responsible for contracts, not you personally.

Sample Legal Documents

From sample articles of incorporation to necessary board resolutions to important contracts, you get sample attorney-drafted legal documents to use for your business.

Legal issues identified

You don't know what you don't know. If you are starting a business without a lawyer, just identifying the legal issues you need to address can be a struggle. The Entrepreneur's Legal Checklist - Starting a Business helps you avoid nasty legal surprises that could sink your business.

Much, Much More

The Entrepreneur's Legal Checklist - Starting a Business is packed with all the legal issues you need to address to launch your business successfully and avoid the hidden tax and legal issues that could sink you.

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